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Comments Archives Unavailable.

Mr. Andrew McLaughlin
Berkman Center, ICANN Staff
August 17, 1999 

I wanted to let you know that the comments submitted to the Uniform Dispute 
Resolution Policy proceeding (cybersquatting definition and mandatory 
arbitration on disputes) are unavailable and have been since at least August 
15 and probably before.

As you know, comments are written not just for the ICANN Board, but also for 
the community to review and respond (hence, the public notice).  We 
understand procedural difficulties, but this is one that runs to the fairness 
of the process itself.  This inability to review comments in a timely manner 
is sufficient reason, Alone, for the ICANN NOT to vote on adoption of the 
WG-A report in Santiago

Could you help us with the following:
a)  Could you post the NCDNHC's Petition for Reconsideration (next mail 
message) on the main UDRP site, perhaps below the link to M.Froomkin's paper 
-- as the opposition of a constituency, we think it merits this placement; and
b) Let us know when the comments archives becomes available; and
c) Work with us on getting a delay in this process so that we can work out 
the kinks and still have adequate time and opportunity for meaningful 

Thank you,
Kathryn Kleiman
Noncommercial Domain Name Holders Constituency