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The small drafting committee

At Santiago, ICANN resolved:

	The President or his delegate should convene 
	a small drafting committee including persons
	selected by him to express views and consider 
	the interests of the registrar, non-commercial,
	individual, intellectual property, and business 

I am told that the small drafting committee has been formed.  But this
piece of information can't be found anywhere on the ICANN web site.

It would be extremely helpful if ICANN would post, on its web site, the
current status of the efforts of the small drafting committee.  If the
committee began its efforts with some particular draft document, it would
be helpful if ICANN would post that draft document for review and comment.
It would also be helpful if ICANN would post, on its web site, instructions
as to how comments may be communicated to the committee.