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Domain Name Dispute - Squatters???

Wow....I hope I don't understand the proposed ruling.....this part....people who register names, like people who staked claims on US soil in the 1800s or claimed their ancestors lived here long ago do not have right of ownership.....just because some deep-pocket company wants to capitalize on the name purchased by what some ignorant people call squatters. This is not in the name of freedom....it's in the name of "deep pockets" with political connections.....I can understand that some well meaning people who were not aware of the facts as well as other points of view might have supported such a move. Hopefully they will now have a different and fairer outlook on the so-called squatter issue. DO NOT rule in favor of "deep pockets" and do not discourage people who would buy a name for future development....the small guy who can't do everything right away.
Please share this with all the people voting on this issue.
L & P Nelson