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Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy.

Dear Sirs,

  I am a small entrepreneur and am extremely concerned by this new policy. I
have many websites and am constantly being pushed around by large
Corporations over Domain names I own. The current system works. This new
policy is taking place of an actual judge and jury. This concerns me very
much. If I lose a dispute with anyone, I do not have the financial backing
to take the Big Corporation to court. Thus they get a big step up on me. For
example; Picturebay.com applied for a Trademark around the same time I
registered Pixbay.com. They are requesting that I turn the Domain over to
them now because of Name confusion because we are doing the same type of
business. This is not fair and I do not believe this policy should be made
unless your specifically state the types of Domains that present confusion
to Trademark law. Example. Someone has DOG trademarked and they would be
entitled to DOG.COM. Yes this is not a valid Trademarkable item but is a
relevant example. The other example that could be provide that a Dispute
resolutions could handle is; Trademark = DOG and they have there own website
DOG.COM. Conflicting Domain is DOGCOM.COM which is a trick URL just to
receive the traffic. Simple Domain disputes could be avoided. I think my
situation with Picturebay and Pixbay should not fall under this policy. It
is just not fair.
Thank you for your time.

Mark Duane