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Re: lying then, or now?


Let's keep the record straight.  As I just replied in response to a
private note from Esther, I didn't characterize the "assertions cited"
(your statement and Esther's, noted below) as erroneous.  You did.

You then contradicted both statements with your response.

I simply asked which is true, the two former statements, or your


You and Esther were queried:

Quotes of yours were posted to the Working Group B (famous marks) list
in support of a general argument against ICANN involving itself in the
UDRP and other areas relating to trademark protection:

"Our charter is essentially technical and limited to a very focused
......... Esther Dyson, Interim Chair, ICANN, October 4, 1999 (quote in

"ICANN has neither the authority nor the resources to be a consumer*
protection agency, and in any event there are existing protections for
abuses ... such as better business bureaus, trade commissions, etc in
most of the countries in which domain name activity is present."
......... Mike Roberts, Interim President/CEO, ICANN, October 5, 1999
*This was in response to a query about protecting the domain name
consuming public from ICANN registrars' domain name seizure policies ...

You Mike, then replied, "whatever the motives of those making the
assertions you cite, they are erroneous."

Mike Roberts wrote:

> Judith - If you are interested in having any dialog with me, the
> first step is to stop accusing me of lying.
> - Mike

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