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Domain Name dispute policy full of problems

    I'll keep this brief, as I see many have already illustrated with great
clarity the many problems that exist with the prospect of instituting your
current draft regarding domain name dispute policies. I will say that I am
amazed and bewildered as to how you think you are going to get away with
putting this ludicrous draft into effect without making things worse than
they currently are. Big money must be trying to pull their usual tricks. I
predict this draft will prove to be nothing but wheel spinning as I see it
not succeeding in the long run. Step back and look at the big picture,
people, and try and realize that what you are trying to accomplish is
actually NOT in the best interest of the many, but rather only in the best
interest of the few big money lawyers who are pulling your strings. Kinda
sad, really.
Best to everyone,
David Lizmi