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Domain name registration

Does your company intend to take over the responsibility of Internic or
Network Solutions?  At times when I am surfing the WEB and I find a WEB
address and I want to find out where that domain is located physically, I
used to go to www.internic.com and input the address.  It would give me the
registration info of where it is registered, who it is registered to, etc.
I cannot find the site www.internic.com and the Network Solutions pages do
not give me the info I am looking for.  What address is this registration
info available at?

Kirk T. Keesecker
Electronics RX, Incorporated
Phone:  (304)  229-4616
   FAX:  (304)  229-4617
WEB page:  http://www.berkeleycounty.net/elect_rx
E-mail:  electronics_rx@msn.com