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Re: Register.com CHEATING Exposed!! Important please read!!

Correct tits.com as listed at NSI is a contact record.

On a related topic, in researching the TITS.COM domain name cheating issue it 
appears that the Whois we're all used to is being split by registry. While that 
may make sense to ICANN, that's going to cause much problems for the average 
folk looking up the owner/contacts for a domain name record. It also could be a 
precursor of a larger unintentional split within the DNS system if ICANN isn't 
careful and upsets people.

Right now if one wants to look up the owner of EXAMPLE.COM, one simply goes to 
NSI's Whois and enter EXAMPLE.COM and the domain information is displayed.

As more registars come on-line, things won't be as simple. Say a person inputs 
lets say XYZ.COM registered at Register.com in NSI's Whois...it will say the 
domain name is not available or display nothing or error out...none of these 
results will help the person find the owner/contact information for the domain.

In essance people will now have to perform two steps to look up a domain:

1. Determine the registrar at nsiregistry.com
2. Query the appropriate Whois server

First off many people won't understand this and secondly each registrar may 
display different amounts of information on domains or simple none at all. 
Hopefully others see the problem with such a setup!?

Also these differences only reiterate that under the current incarnation of the 
multiple registrar system, there exists an accountability/legal problem in 
determining who owns and controls a domain. This is not a trivial matter and I 
would strongly recommend ICANN review how registrar information is coordinated.
The central registry (nsiregistry) *should* in my view contain ALL the records 
for a domain record or at the minimum the legal OWNER of each domain and date 
of registration that can be easily queried. Considering the value of domain 
names, why would ICANN create a system where there's no central registry of 
domain name owners??  That's crazy!!  Or perhaps I misunderstand?...I hope!

Ron Bennett

In article <7k4avt$a76$1@ns1.vrx.net>, richard@ns1.vrx.net says...
>In article <MPG.11cf747ecbde0358989976@news.supernews.com>,
>>whois -h whois.internic.net !tc1485-org ...
>>TITS.COM (TC1485-ORG)  no.valid.email@WORLDNIC.NET
>>   Chelsea Bayou Traders, Box 1320
>>   S-11479 STOCKHOLM, - -
>>   SE
>>   +49 89 66617 31409
>>   Record last updated on 26-Feb-99.
>>   Database last updated on 14-Jun-99 08:07:54 EDT.
>Thats a contact record, not a domain record. 
>Note the distinct lack of nameservers, admin, tech or billing
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>70, 72 280SE; 83 300SD           http://www.mbz.org