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"Network Solutions"

7/2/99 1:35p PT
Network Solutions

What is going on with your operation???

Once again you have unilaterally, without concern for service levels,
completely altered the website at networksolutions.com such that one
cannot locate the interface to the whois database anymore

This is just one more incident in a long, very long, string of
continuous incidents that demonstrates that you don't give a sh*t about
the clients that pay the $$ for domain registration.

Further examples...

We are presently party to a domain transfer you have been instructed to
complete.  It has been 3 months since you have received the paperwork
and the database still has not been changed.

Prior to this, I will remind you, you have lost change requisitions
(email "forms") twice and you have lost a fax once during the past six
months we have dealt with you.

The public record shows a much uglier picture.

You are very poor at what you attempt to do.