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NSI Loosing zones

  I have had 3 customers call me this week with problems cause by NSI. Each
customer has hundreds of domains, they are saying some of  the domains they
registered last month are showing up on whois but now are not in the
 I did a change myself  to change a customers secondary dns to our servers.
The change showed up at NSI in the root-server and whois. This week for some
reason the old ip is showing up in the root-servers. But whois is showing
the changes we made. Have another customer that registered a new domain.
Which is showing up on whois but not in the root-servers.
 I called NSI they told me to send in templates again and they will put it
through. I had ticket numbers and the returned email for the changes but
they didn't care. I point blank asked them 'Did you loose data in the a-root
server and had to do a backup?' they denied it. But that's what it looks
like to me.

 Has anyone else had these problems in the past month?

When is ICANN going to take over the root-servers?

NSI is now loosing our data and denying it. Or was this part of the hacker
attack last week? did hackers get into the root-servers? And NSI is scared
to say anything?

Something soon needs to happen with the root-servers. NSI is showing there
incompetence, and when there confronted with it they get hostile. What gets
me is we pay money every year for our domains and ip address's and when we
need support all I ever get from NSI is some punk tech kid with a attitude
telling me that I have to now do double work, Because of there screw ups.

 If I treated my customers they way NSI does there. I would be out of
business. But since I don't have a monopoly on what I do then I have to
treat my customers with respect.
 I am not a violent man, But if I had a chance to take one of those punk
techs at NSI in a backroom, I would love to teach them a little respect. But
I doubt it would do any good since the upper management of NSI treats
customers in the same way. What a great example for there employees.


Steve Doty
Jaxx Communications