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Re: Was any progress made ?

You are all humans...(I assume)...you can collectively
route around them...what resources does ICANN have
that people need ? Are they buying the group lift ticket
for skiing in Santiago ?

In my opinion, you have to recognize that there will not
likely be any new TLDs added to the legacy root name
servers. Thus, the -DLD.COM approach will have to be
used to give people the variety they want. As I see it,
the goal at this should be to move all names to the .COM
space, including the .COM names. Sure, we will have to
live with the -COM.COM kludge for a little while, but the
new software will zap that leaving the user's selected
name to the left of that.

With 5+ million names to move, NSI and the Registrars
should be very busy...which is good for the U.S. economy.
This appears to be what the U.S. Dept. of Commerce
wants. It was an easier path than to add TLDs because
they were incorrectly told that new TLDs would break the
Internet. Fortunately, -DLDs will not break it...

Jim Fleming

P.S. I assume that you saw the top 10 DLDs
based on over 5+ million names in .COM. It
has been surprising how many people did not
know the dash could be used.

10514 -INC.COM
7288 -NET.COM
6472 -USA.COM
4101 -WEB.COM
3891 -TECH.COM
3077 -UK.COM

2,038 more here...