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Procedural error in DNSO Working Groups

I would like to draw ICANN's attention to the following.

The DNSO is operating its working groups in violation of the ICANN bylaws.

One such violation, in particular, is that the DNSO working groups are
operating in violation of the underlined section of the following:

This section requires that each recognized constituency specifically
nominate a person to be that constituency's representative to a working

This has not been done.

  ICANN bylaw Article VI-B Section 2(b):

  (b) The NC is responsible for the management of the consensus
  building process of the DNSO.  It shall adopt such procedures and
  policies as it sees fit to carry out that responsibility, including the
  designation of such research or drafting committees, working groups and
  other bodies of the GA as it determines are appropriate to carry out the
  substantive work of the DNSO.  Such bodies shall include at least
  one representative nominated by each recognized Constituency, and shall
  provide appropriate means, as determined by the NC, for input and such
  participation as is practicable under the circumstances by other interested
  parties.  Any reports or recommendations presented to the NC by such
  bodies shall be posted on a web site accessible by the public for public
  review and comment; absent clear justification, which shall be publicly
  stated at the time of any action, the NC shall not act on any report or
  recommendation until a reasonable time for public comment has passed and
  the NC has reviewed and evaluated all public comments received. The NC
  is responsible for ensuring that all responsible views have been heard
  and considered prior to a decision by the NC.