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Re: more internic fun, and an idea (fwd)

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Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 10:18:29 -0400
From: Mark Borchers <markb@infi.net>
To: nanog@merit.edu
Subject: Re: more internic fun, and an idea

On 4 Aug 99, at 6:36, melinda b. thompson wrote:

> i suggest that internic should prorate the yearly charge and have to
> subtract the prorated days that it takes them to process change orders from
> the yearly bill for the domain.
> each single one would be just a small ammount.
> however, with as many domains that have been held up in "manual processing"
> or whatever, it could add up.
> opinions?

As frustrating as it can be to deal with InterNIC, objectively it 
should be noted that:

(1) Your proposal would be costly to enforce because it would be 
necessary to determine whether the registrant submitted a correctly 
formed template so that culpability could be determined.

(2) It wasn't that long ago that two-week processing was standard for 
a lot of domain transactions.  They raised the bar on themselves by 
improving turnaround time through automatic processing.  I'm not sure 
that they should now have to pay a price for that.

Mark Borchers
NetworkTwo Communications Group
"Give beer to those who are perishing..." (Proverbs 31:6)