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Media Blackout Continues in U.S.

>From the media outlet that dared to reveal
the "Cone of Silence" surrounding ICANN:

>Cone of Silence
>John Horvath   12.05.99 
>ICANN or Internet democracy is failing 

>From the media outlet that dared to criticize
Esther Dyson's role in ICANN:

>A Peek into the Plumber's Pipe
>John Horvath   02.08.99 
>What's Wrong with Esther Dyson 

Telepolis now dares to present the implications
of the ICANN vs. NSI feud:

>Jay Fenello   10.08.99 
>The Net's First Civil War 

Meanwhile, the U.S. Media Blackout continues.

I wonder why?


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