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Re: [IFWP] IDNO letter - Excuses...

Esther and all,

  Nice try Esther, but no cigar, as they say!  >;)  Excellent political
but lacks sufficient substance, and is therefore your *Reasons* are more in
line with  *Excuses*, and I have no doubt that they will be viewed
as such, by in large.

Esther Dyson wrote:

> Dear Joop and colleagues -
> I'm writing to respond personally to your proposal for an Individual Domain
> Name Holders' Constituency.  As you know, the Initial Board decided not to
> consider it in Berlin because it was not among the seven constituencies we
> hoped to see form to constitute the full DNSO.  At this point, we are still
> hoping to approve conditionally the last of the seven original
> constituencies, and allow the process of enlarging the board to move forward.
> That means that the Initial Board won't be considering your petition this
> time either, since we're still working on the first seven.
> Let me say personally that I  am not totally comfortable  with this
> decision.  Given that the At-Large Membership is not yet constituted, I
> think it important that individuals' concerns have some representation
> within the DNSO.
> However, there are two other points worth noting.
> First is that the representativeness of the IDNO is still questionable; it
> faces many of the same challenges of outreach and breadth that the ICANN
> Initial Board faces in trying constitute its At-Large membership.  Creating
> the IDNO now may be a way of avoiding rather than solving this problem.
> Second, I am more concerned that the voices and interests of individuals be
> *represented* in the work of the DNSO, than with precisely how that happens.
> Although the process is certainly messy, the concerns of individuals and
> individuals' rights are now being heard within the DNSO working groups -
> although perhaps not as effectively as they should be.  Making sure that
> that process works is where I think we should be focusing our attention
> right now.
> Esther Dyson
> personally, as a *member* of the Initial Board but not for it
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