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Re: non-commercial outreach effort

Laura and all,

  Great idea!

  Might I make a few suggestions to get things started out on the
right foot or moving if a positive productive direction.

1.) Clean up the membership of the NCDNHC.  Insure that all members
      of the NCDNHC are indeed NON-COMMERCIAL or otherwise do
      not engage in commercial activities of any kind.

2.) Put together a independent committee of a mix of members and non
     members or non-voting members to devise a method of soliciting
     or attracting new NCDNHC members.

3.) Get a funding model in place.  Preferably one that is not strictly or
      primarily based on membership fees.

Laura Bailyn wrote:

> What:           Coordinating Meeting to Broaden
>                         Noncommercial Involvement in ICANN
> When:           Thursday, August 26, 1999, 12:30 - 14:00
>                         (lunch will be served)
> Where:          At the ICANN meetings in Santiago, Room TBD
> During the ICANN meetings in Santiago, the Markle Foundation
> (www.markle.org) will host a coordinating meeting over lunch to discuss ways
> to expand the base of noncommercial interest and involvement in ICANN.
> Anyone interested in these issues is invited to attend.  Participants will
> include representatives of the Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders
> Constituency and ICANN, as well as Joanne Padron-Carney, American
> Association for the Advancement of Science; Rick Weingarten, American
> Library Association; Jonathan Zittrain, Berkman Center for Internet &
> Society; and Andrew Shapiro, Markle Foundation.
> The Markle Foundation is committed to strengthening the public voice in
> communications and information policy.  Markle believes that a broad array
> of nonprofit and educational organizations -- the .org's and .edu's of the
> digital world -- must play a role in the ICANN policymaking process if the
> civic, educational, and democratic value of the Internet is to be preserved.
> The decisions made by ICANN could have a profound impact on issues such as
> free expression, privacy, and intellectual property, as well as on the scope
> of legal remedies available for resolution of Internet disputes. In short,
> ICANN's influence is likely to shape the future of the Internet.
> At present, ICANN has posted for public comment a solidly developed
> Non-Commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency (NCDNHC) charter for
> recognition. Should this constituency be approved, it will be done so with
> the understanding that it is a work in progress. In order to strengthen the
> voice of noncommercial stakeholders in ICANN, Markle believes an outreach
> effort must be made to get even more nonprofit and educational organizations
> involved.
> Please join us for this working meeting during which we will strategize
> about how we can reach out to a broader international base of noncommercial
> entities. Your comments and suggested agenda items are welcome.
> Please RSVP to: laura_bailyn@markle.org
> ======================
> Laura Bailyn
> The Markle Foundation
> 75 Rockefeller Plaza
> New York, NY  10019
> 212.489.6655 x.303
> laura_bailyn@markle.org
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