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Milton Mullers Petition in Berlin ICANN Conference

Ellen and all,

  As Ellen enumerates and reports that Miltons petition was also
by INEGroup.  We are over 95k members strong, in over 100 countries,
and over 3000 reside in Tom Blileys home state, and they are all


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Jay Fenello wrote:

>Simply appalling!
>Not only has Esther again declared herself to be
>a member of the "Initial" board, not only has she
>snubbed one of the best organized constituencies
>(which already boasts on-line, electronic voting),
>but she even had the gall to send out this rebuff
>with a *low* priority status.

Recall, too, that a petition circulated prior to the Berlin meeting, to
urge ICANN to defer any consideration of the WIPO recommendations until the
DNSO was fully constituted, was described by Esther as "non substantive".
That petition, focusing on PROCESS, attracted 85 signatures from 14

This is the board that wants to reassert its interim, unelected authority
for yet another year.  Fah!

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