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SOs Directors - Who leaves first?

The initial three directors from Supporting Organization are to elected
for terms of 1, 2 and 3 years.  The question was asked who leaves
first?  The  board decides?  
It was appears that the decision would have been made during the
electoral process.  It is only fair that 
- the candidate receiving the greatest support (votes) of the SO serves
for the longest period (3 years) 
- the candidate receiving the least support (votes) of the SO serves
for the shortest period (1 year).

This is only applicable to the initial election.  The term of the
director elected in subsequent election would be for three years (one
director position being up for election each year).  Directors serving
a maximun of 2 consecutive terms?

Similarly for the 4 globally elected At-Large directors the term of
office could be 
   most support (votes)          least support (votes)
        3 yrs     3yrs      2yrs    1yr
        (if continuity is desired)  or
        3 yrs     2 yrs     1 yr    1 yr
        (if rotation of directors is priority)

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