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mark and all,

  I thought it was very amateurish myself.  It basically stunk to high heaven!
NO, I cannot congratulate the Berkman center on their effort and especially
not on their performance.  If they worked for me they would be fired
immediately!  Why do I say this so harshly?  Here are just a few things
I noticed along with others on the #ICANN-Santiago chat line yesterday
and I noticed both yesterday and today:

1.) The RT Audio.video was popping in and out most of yesterday with
      video being extremely unreliable and audio dropping sporadically.

2.) The effort was obviously undermanned.

3.)  The chat service was not moderated adequately, in fact barely at all.
       Several individuals were allowed to act in a disruptive manner.

4.) It was noticed by several of those on the chat channel #ICANN-Santiago
     that the remote questions were not stated accurately.  Therefore being
     very misleading.

Mark Measday wrote:

> The team from Berkman should be congratulated for the highly professional
>  effort they put in.
> Ben Edelman wrote:
> >
> > The webcast of this morning's Open Meeting of the ICANN Board of Directors
> > is complete, and Berkman staff is now preparing for the Names Council
> > meeting starting at 2:00 Eastern time (7:00PM GMT) this afternoon.  As
> > usual, join us via <http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/icann/santiago> for a
> > webcast, remote participation, and online chat.
> >
> > Content from yesterday's Public Meeting is now posted in the archive at
> > <http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/icann/santiago/archive>, including scribe's
> > notes (by both Berkman staff and Ellen Rony; other notes welcomed via
> > off-list message to me), real-time comments received, documents and
> > presentations used in the meeting, remote participant list, and a log of the
> > real-time chat.  The RealVideo is currently about 65% through the two-hour
> > upload to our servers; we expect that the transfer will be complete within
> > another hour.
> >
> > Content from this morning's meeting of the ICANN Board is also in the
> > archive, including resolutions adopted and scribe's notes.  RealVideo coming
> > shortly.
> >
> > Problems, missing info, bad links -- to me on or off-list, as appropriate.
> >
> > Ben Edelman
> > Berkman Center for Internet and Society
> > Harvard Law School


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