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Participating in ICANN

Please forward this e-mail to Mrs. Dyson:
Dear Mrs. Dyson:
My name is Jafar Sabbah. I'm a lawyer from Israel/Jerusalem. I'm a member in the "Science and Technology" committee of the Israely Bar next to the Knesset (the Israeli Prlaimnet), which deals with proposed legislations in the field of science and technology. I'm also a member in the Israely Forum for e-commerce, and lately I joined the Internet Studies Organization. I also have published many articles in this field.
I attended the WIPO conference last week and was quite impressed.
As per ICANN and your licture, I agree with my colleague Mr. Abu Gazaleh for his comment that the developing countries should play more role in ICANN.
Furthermore, I was surprised to notice that Israel is not among the list of member countries.
Therefore, I thought to contact you to see how I can fit in, so as to increase the presence of developing countries.
Please let me know.
Jafar Sabbah, Adv.