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Unavailable Domain Names

I'm disgusted that Network Solutions has, in effect, won the right to 
continue with its pathetic business practices.   ICANN got some money and 
other companies get access to their database.   Whoopee for the public!   

Having access to their databse is not something I'd consider to be a plus.   
Two domain names I let expire some time ago are still showing as "sorry - 
unavaliable" in their database.   Obviously, that's completely false.   
That's wrong information on 2 separate domain names and they're from one 
person!   I wonder how many other domain names that they show as 
"unavailable" are, in fact, "available".   I realize updating the bad info 
would require its employees to stop trying to suck more money from us for all 
the services they now offer, but it sure would be nice.