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New gTLD


IMC Ltd. is a company which specializes in providing E-mail access for ships
at sea. We currently provide e-mail access to/from the ship via the Inmarsat
Satellite System to some 500 ships, including several large passenger ships
(e.g.. QE2), and are in the process of providing the first 'Surfing at Sea'
passenger ship with direct access to the Internet via Inmarsat HSD. This
ship alone with have some 700 e-mail addresses, to allow messages to be sent
to a particular cabin, we expect to have many more ships with even greater
address requirement in the near future.

We feel that it is appropriate to provide this growing sector with its own
gTLD and would suggest .SHIP as an appropriate name. e.g.. Captain@QE2.SHIP

We have the resources and would be prepared to manage this new gTLD if

Could you please let me know the appropriate path to follow to establish

Best Regards

Tim Whalley
Technical Director - IMC Ltd.