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Domain Name - Reply requested


A few weeks ago I clicked on an ad (from AllAdvantage
view bar) that said you could get a domain name is for
only $25.00.  Believing this would be the fee instead
of the fee to Networking Solutions I checked for
junee.com.  It said it was available and gave the
further information that payment would be necessary to
Network Solutions for the two years.  So I did not
process it since I could purchase directly from
Network Solutions.

This week I am once again working on my web project I
first typed junee.com in my web browser.  It was not
there and I went to Network Solutions to see about the
domain name.  The name was taken November 3, 1999 by
Kim, Andy.


My concern is that the company that I had used a few
weeks ago is holding it to get the $25.00 from me. 
They are using information they received from me to
force me to contact them for the name.

Is it legal for a company to hold a domain name under
these circumstances?

I tried to look at my History to see the website I
visited, but it was evidently more than 3 weeks, and
therefore is no longer listed.  I have looked at my
Temporary Internet files and could not find a link or
cookie to help me see the site that I visited. 
P(erhaps AllAdvantage would know the ads there were
running at that time.)

Reply requested.

Julia Atkinson
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