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Re: Markle Commits $1 million to Internet Governance


Is Markle a sincere organization trying to
help establish representation in cyberspace?

Is it aware of the egregious actions of the
ICANN board in pursuit of an agenda at odds
with the very people Markle is supposedly
trying to help?

Has it simply been duped by ICANN?

Or is it a co-conspirator in the takeover
of the Internet?

Given Esther's admitted membership in the
Council of Foreign Relations, the following
affiliations of the Markle board are
suspicious at best:


ZoŽ Baird
    Member, Council on Foreign Relations
Ronald Daniel
    Member, Council on Foreign Relations
Stephen Friedman
    Member, Council on Foreign Relations
    Member, Trilateral Commission
Stanley S. Shuman
    Member, Council on Foreign Relations


At 07:01 PM 11/2/99 , Michael Sondow wrote:
>In case anyone thinks that the Markle Foundation is just another
>non-profit charity, here are some excerpts from the Markle
>Foundation website:
>ZoŽ Baird joined the Markle Foundation in January 1998 as President:
>During 1997, Ms. Baird was Senior Visiting Scholar and Senior
>Research Associate at Yale Law School in New Haven, Connecticut,
>working on governmental and business strategies for dealing with
>global crime issues and new technologies.
>In 1993, President Clinton appointed her to the President's Foreign
>Intelligence Advisory Board, on which she still serves.
>In 1995, he appointed her to the Congressional Commission on the
>Roles and Capabilities of the U.S. Intelligence Community.
>Lewis W. Bernard, Chairman of the Board of the Markle Foundation:
>In 1991, Mr. Bernard retired from Morgan Stanley & Co., where he had
>held a number of positions including chief administrative and
>financial officer with responsibilities for strategic planning. He
>is a director of Acacia Capital Corporation and the Marsh and
>McLennan Companies.
>Mr. Bernard serves on the boards of...The Commonwealth Fund, and the
>Harvard Management Company. He is a trustee of the J. Paul Getty
>Trust and John D. Rockefeller, Jr. trusts.
>D. Ronald Daniel (Markle Foundation Board Member):
>He is a member of the Harvard Corporation and the Board of Overseers
>of Harvard University; he also serves as Treasurer of Harvard
>University, Chairman of the Harvard Management Company, and Chairman
>of the Board of Fellows of the Harvard Medical School.
>Julia Moffett (Markle Foundation staff, and program coordinator for
>the Internet Governance Project):
>She oversees all communications issues for Markle. In addition,
>Moffett also has program development and oversight responsibilities
>for a wide range of Markle activities.
>Prior to joining Markle, Moffett was Vice President of
>Communications for NBC News from 1997 through 1998.
>Prior to NBC, Moffett was Director of Communications and Strategic
>Planning for the National Security Council at The White House.
>Andrew Shapiro (Markle Foundation Senior Advisor):
>Shapiro is director of the Aspen Institute Internet Policy Project.
>Shapiro has been a fellow of Harvard Law School's Berkman Center for
>Internet & Society since September 1997.
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"We are creating the most significant new jurisdiction
we've known since the Louisiana purchase, yet we are
building it just outside the constitution's review."
   --  Larry Lessig, Harvard Law School, on ICANN