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Peruvian Association of Internet Users and Service Providers

The ICANN is a worldwide effort to build a better and bigger internet 
for the global comunity.  At the same time, ICANN is the change to a 
new administration in charge of the private sector, this according with 
the 1977 statement of the Goverment of the United States trough his 
president Bill Clinton and it was suported by a long a sustained 
promotion done by the VicePresident Al Gore.  This efforts became a 
reality with the born of the document known as the "White Paper".

During 1998 this iniciatives became the biggest foro of discussion in 
a world wide basis made for the discussion of the future and evolution 
of the Internet: The "International Forum for the discussion of the 
White Paper" or IFWP for shortness.

On October 1998, as a result from the IFWP process, the ICANN (Internet 
Corporation for the Assigned Names and Numbers) is born.  ICANN es the 
global entity who has the responability to manage the Intenet's root 
infraestructure and promote the world development of the Internet as 
a social, comercial and cultural tool.

AXISNET has participated from the beggining of the process of the IFWP, 
and its commitment with the process has been shown trough documents, 
translations and direct participation in many events all around the world.  
In the same way AXISNET has given support to the presence of members of 
the latinamerican Internet Comunity in the IRAC (ICANN's Internal Review 
Advisory Committe), DNSO NC, and other bodies and constituencies 
related to the building and evolution of the ICANN.

AXISNET is a founding member of the Federation of Latinamerica and the 
Caribe for the Internet and Electronic Commerce - eCOMLAC and as such 
it brings the interest of the users of the area to this and other 
international forums.

The ICANN, on its resolutions of November 5, 1999, start a electionary 
process to nominate the Directors that will represent the Global Comunity 
of Users of the Internet (know as At Large Membership).  This 9 Directors 
will ocupy a seat at side with the other 9 directors nominated by the 
ICANN's Supporting Organizations.  To reach this goal, ICANN has 
indicated that:

- There is budget for the outreach of the process in a world wide level.
- There is a budget for translation of documents and web forms to 
	the main languages.
- That there is a search for all the help that can be obtained to the 
 	fullfillment of this functions.

AXISNET believes that the participation of the biggest number of members 
of the whole Internet Community is the best guaranty that the ICANN 
process will grow inside transparent and democratic rules that will be 
a guaranty of the fair representativeness of the different interest 
that are in the internet in these days.

According with our history of support and participation in the IFWP 
and the born of the ICANN, and in front of the beginning of the start 
of the process to elect the Global Comunity Directors (At Large Directors)
that will represent individual users on the ICANN Board of Directors, 
the AXISNET Board of Directors has took the next resolutions:

- SUPPORT all the efforts of the ICANN's Board of Directors to do 
	the election process of the Directors that will 
	represent the World Wide Internet Comunity of Individual Users 
	inside the ICANN's Board of Directors.

- TRANSLATE to the spanish language all the ICANN's official documents 
	and web pages and forms related to the electionary process; 
	the same translation work will be done with the documents or 
	web pages that will promote the enrollment of individuals as 
	members to reach the minimum goal of 5,000 registered users 
	that will became the minimum number of the individual 
	members of the ICANN.  In the same way translate all the 
	documents related with the on line election.

- PROMOTE in a nacional level the subscripcion of the biggest number 
	of Peruvian Internet Users located in Peru.  As a reference 
	this number is estimated in 400,000 people.  From our 
	efforts and the efforts of other institutions 
	will come that:

		The voice of these 400,0000 peruvians will be listened 
		trough their direct vote in the election of the members of 
		the "Global Comunity Council" (At Large Council) and 
		that the elected representants represent with honesty the 
		feelings and thought of their electors.

		That the peruvian Internet Community that will participate 
		in the process nominate their candidates to be elected 
		as Directors and that this proportion be carefully 
		followed by the Council Members as a foundation base for the 
		development of their criteria in the election of the Directors.

- INVITE to other peruvian entities and organizations, related to 
	Telecomunications and  Internet to promote all the 
	related with the electionary process.  This could be done 
	mirroring the information on the AXISNET web site or 
	developing its own documents and information.

- COORDINATE, in Latin American and the whole word with organizations 
	that are related to us to call them for 
	support for the promotion and direct colaboration to build 
	the most wide, transparent and democratic elections 
	that we can develop inside the time and the norms that ICANN 
	has established.

Lima, November, 14, 1999 

Javier Rodriguez 
c.c. 	Members of the ICANN Board.
	Members of the DNSO GA
       	Members of the IFWP	
	Members of the Board of ECOMLAC and affiliates
       	Members of the Peruvian Congress
       	Members of the USA Congress
       	National and International Media
       	Internet related Organization in Peru and in the whole world
       	Internet Service Providers in Peru and Latinamerica
       	Peruvian Internet Users.
Javier Rodriguez            javier.rodriguez@axisnet.perured.net
AXISNET                           http://www.axisnet.perured.net    
Asociacion Peruana de Usuarios y Proveedores de
Servicios de  Internet
Av. Aviacion 5092   -  Of. 534  -  Lima 33  -  Lima  -  Peru
Otras responsabilidades:  
       eCOM-LAC      http://www.ecom-lac.org
       ISOC-PERU    http://www.isoc-peru.org
       IPCE                  Grupo de trabajo de Internet