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Re: [IFWP] Re: [names] Image Online Design on ICANN

Esther and all,

  They should have been months ago at the very latest, if not years
ago as has been known and recognized at least 3 years ago.  In addition
it was well understood that those new TLD's must be both shared and
non-shared as well.

Esther Dyson wrote:

Competitive TLDs *will* be considered by the ICANN board if such a proposal
comes before us. The outcome is still unknown.

Esther Dyson

At 11:08 am 10/28/1999 -0400, Jay Fenello wrote:
>Others wishing to make *their* position
>on ICANN part of the public record may
>contact Fenello.com for assistance.
>Image Online Design Issues Statement on ICANN
>SAN LUIS OBISPO, October 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Image Online Design, Inc.
><www.webtld.com>, "The .Web Internet Domain Registry(tm)", the longest
>standing prospective registry for a new Top Level Domain, today responded to
>comments made by ICANN Board members on the Harvard Law School's IS99 class
>list <news://cyber.law.harvard.edu/IS99-names>.
>IODesign takes exception to recent comments from Mike Roberts, president of
>ICANN, when he admitted that competitive TLDs will not be considered by the
>ICANN board.  This is in direct violation of the ICANN by-laws, and in direct
>opposition to the intent of the White Paper.  [His admission caused Iperdome,
>another prospective registry, to suspend operations.]
>IODesign also takes exception to recent comments from Joe Sims, corporate
>counsel to ICANN, who said "the White Paper reflected the fact that the vast
>majority of those that commented on the Green Paper completely rejected its
>underlying concepts."  While the White Paper deferred some decisions to the
>Internet community, it did not bless the collectivist policies of the previous
>proposal (the gTLD-MoU), which was in fact rejected by the U.S. Government via
>the Green Paper.
>IODesign's strongest objections, however, were in response to the continuing
>attempts by the ICANN leadership to discredit and marginalize their critics.
>This can be seen in responses to respected academics like Michael Froomkin,
>Milton Mueller, and Jonathan Weinberg.  It can also be seen in ICANN's refusal
>to justify their most egregious decisions, decisions that were made in direct
>contradiction to the public comments received, decisions like:
>   -  expediting a Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy, one that
>      allows for the easy reassignment of domain names
>   -  registrar guidelines that included a $1 domain name tax
>   -  a gerrymandered DNSO without individual participation
>   -  removing accountability from the At-Large membership
>   -  extending their own reign for another year.
>Despite these numerous process violations and inconsistent actions by the
>ICANN board, IODesign will continue to participate in good faith in the name
>space expansion process, and to monitor and report on the actions of Working
>Group C of the DNSO.
>ICANN is the non-profit corporation selected by the Commerce Department to
>inherit the administration of Internet resources.  It has remained under a
>cloud of suspicion ever since it was formed via a secret process, one that
>enthroned an unelected board, one that has pursued an agenda synchronous with
>the gTLD-MoU which preceded it.
>IODesign has been involved in the debate since 1995, the year before the IANA
>gave them the go-ahead for the .WEB(tm) TLD.  Subsequently, IODesign has
>participated in good faith through the various community based efforts to
>expand the name space, including the IAHC process, and the U.S. Government's
>RFC, Green and White Paper processes.
>CONTACT:  John Frangie
>           www.iodesign.com
>           john@iodesign.com
>SOURCE:   Fenello.com, Inc.
>           www.fenello.com
>           770-392-9480
>Jay Fenello,
>New Media Relations
>http://www.fenello.com  770-392-9480

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