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Re: [bwg+] Another Media Blackout (was Re: [IFWP] Police usepepper spray, rubber bullets on WTO protesters)

At 3:35 AM -0500 12/1/99, Jay Fenello wrote:
>Well, it's 3:30 a.m. EST, and I have seen very
>little coverage of the riots.  It's seems that
>the Pete Rose story is a much higher priority
>topic tonight!

>The media is obviously hiding this story!

Oh, Jay, ease up, fer cryin' out loud. The riots are the top story on 
the front pages of both of Canada's national newspapers; photos, at 
least, made the front page of [my editions of] the New York Times and 
the Washington Post; was the topic of the day in most of the chat 
rooms and IRC channels I monitor; and when I flipped on CNN during 
prime time (EDT) Tuesday night, CNN was running a long piece about 
the riots with lengthy interviews from labour leaders as well as 
representatives of corporate America.

Your criticism of the under-reporting of ICANN made a lot of sense 
but this time around . . . .

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