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Re: [Membership] Divide and rule by geography or language

Elliot Nesterman a écrit:
> FWIW Dept.
> The holes in a fishnet are not designed to allow fish _in_, they are
> designed to keep them from getting  _out_. Thus, if you fish with a net
> with 5cm holes you will catch only fish _larger_ than 5cm. Then you
> might say that there are no small fish in the sea. If you use a net with
> larger holes you will indeed let more fish through, to the detriment of
> your catch.

The smaller the holes, the more will smaller fish be retained in the net.
Since small fish outnumber large ones in the sea, the smaller the holes the
higher will the percentage of small fish to large fish be in the catch.
Furthermore, nets with very small holes, as in my metaphor, do not well
retain large fish, which need to be caught in the netting rather than
blocked by the cloth to remain in the catch. Therefore, a net with small
holes will produce a catch that is predominantly, though not exclusively, of
small fish.