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Re: [Membership] Language, the Internet, and the United Nations

I doubt whether anyone reading this knows exactly what country I am
presently residing in and  writing from ... If you have gotten this far,
however, you know deep within your complete essence  ... this is English.

Man made borders  ( geopolitical, monetary, religious, age and gender)  of
Earth are extremely difficult to see in cyber space ...    Why continue to
promulgate outdated mythology?  Why re establish old fashioned constrictions
of ones physical location as a rule towards participation? Why create more

The great liberating joy of the Internet is found in an equality; an
equality whose source is founded upon the fact that ... we are one ...
humanity is one family ... with one heart.  On the Internet , boundaries are
only in your mind.

In the creation of new forms of communing and congregating,  can't we be
just a little more creative and even perhaps,  .... playful ?