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Re: [Membership] In the interest of geography

Eric and all,

  Yes, and I believe that I have already posted it to this list.  The New York
School district already did away with STV voting scheme as it was
too divisive and not representative.

Eric Weisberg wrote:

> Geographic interests are like every other interest you identify,
> diverse.  Just because someone is from SE Asia doesn't mean she
> represents everyone from SE Asia.  There are all kinds of
> divisions which are more significant than such geographic lines.
> Those divisions are not best reflected by placing the
> representative of a repressive dictatorship on the board just
> because she is from the area in question. Rather, the goal of
> fairly representing all interests, including those of areas which
> are currently underserved, is achieved by allowing all to vote in
> a system which will naturally apportion board positions according
> to the real interests perceived by the various constituencies.
> Thus far, there has been little discussion of systems designed to
> accomplish that purpose.  I have pushed for the consideration of
> one such system (based upon positive reports from groups which
> have employed it)--STV.  Does anyone have a different approach to
> offer?
> Michael Sondow wrote:
> >
> > Joseph LeBaron a écrit:
> > >
> > > Esther wrote:
> > >
> > > But this [regional constituencies] ends up creating hierarchies....  With
> > > addresses, regionalization
> > > makes sense, reflecting routing patterns and the like, but I'm not sure we
> > > want ICANN just to mimic geographical reality.
> > >
> > >
> > >         I agree with Esther, at least in this case.  To the fullest extent
> > > possible, ICANN should avoid a geographic orientation for its structure and
> > > operation.  We are, after all, creating an organization for cyberspace.  Why
> > > borrow the problems and limitations of the physical world, if we can
> > > possible avoid it?
> >
> > I'll second that!


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