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Re: [Membership] Structure of 'at large' membership

a@help.org wrote:
> Yes, the situation you discuss can be a problem.  However, this situation
> does not cover all domain speculation or domain sales.  Often, it is simply
> a generic name that someone may wish to purchase later.  For instance,
> "beyond.com" was purchased through a broker.  I suspect the person who
> initially bought it had no idea that Software.net would want to change their
> name to beyond.com.  It was probably initially taken because it was an
> interesting generic name.

DEar Russ
OK, I can accept this.

  This is much different than buying
> "exxonmobil.com" in order to sell it specifically to the new exxon-Mobil
> merged company.  What you are talking about is a trademark issue rather than
> an issue that covers all domain sales.

I agree with you on this.
> Russ Smith
> http://consumer.net
> >Yes, it is , in my opinion , very different indeed!  Those who speculate
> in gold, shares, silvers etc takes risks commensurate with the profits
> they expect to gain.  If they make a mistake they can lose their pants.
> I can't imagine any body losing their pants by hoarding a few domain
> names.  Further, items such as godl,silver, land etc are general items
> available to the public.  They become more valuable when they become
> scarce.  However, a domain name very often become valuable when the
> company or companies who are easily connected to that name(or may have
> the same name)become established or well known to the market.  The
> speculator usually try to sell the domain name back to them for large
> sum of money.  This is what I believe to be wrong as the value of the
> name was , very often, created by the companies who are targets of the
> speculation!

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