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[Membership] Comments on Models

Ref. Mark Heckendorn's Model;
The general membership aligns with the Individual membership model. If the
Individual model also allows associations to join, Mark's suggestion of
MPGs and ISIGs would correspond to national or interest groups which could
register as Association members.
The point is that such associations would not need to be specified in the
ICANN model.
Conclusion - there is a case for a model based on the Individual model, but
including Associations as members. Individuals would pay a small fee and
have one vote. Associations would pay a larger fee (x 20?), and have more
voting power (x 40?) [the higher vote/$ being designed to encourage
formation of associations].

Daniel Kaplan's Citizen/Member model;
While I consider ICANN should only allow participation from members who
have enough interest to register and pay a fee, I recognise that there is a
strong desire to allow everyone to play a part (the Open model). Allowing
say 3 AL directors (1 at each election) to be "nominated" by a poll at
which anyone can vote, whether registered as a member or not, and then have
the poll winners "elected" by the board (to overcome the requirement that
members who elect directors have to be registered) would meet this need.
My comment on Daniel's model is that I would not register "citizens", nor
send them ICANN announcements (they can read the web page).