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Re: [Membership] Structure of 'at large' membership



At 10:08 PM 04/02/99 -0000, Mike Norris wrote:
>> But this ends up creating hierarchies....  With addresses,
>> makes sense, reflecting routing patterns and the like, but I'm not sure
>> want ICANN just to mimic geographical reality.
>Equally, you may not want ICANN to ignore the operational success and
>growth of structures which happen to be regionally deployed.  Any such
>success has been achieved only with the buy-in of people who have a real
>interest in the Internet.
>As to hierarchies, maybe you have a point; but don't say it too loud, or
>the DNS folk might take it amiss and think you would like revert to
>something flat like we used to have in, say, BITnet/EARN ;-)

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