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Competition; was Re: [Membership] ICANN: The Issue of Membership---

Excuse me. In every market I know where telecom has been privatized and
rendered competitive, prices have gone down.  And generally, service has
even improved!  

THe countries I know well are the US, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary,
Russia...... Which ones are *you* referring to?


At 08:46 PM 29/01/99 -0500, Michael Sondow wrote:
>Kent Crispin a écrit:
>> The same verification problems exist with domain names.  Especially
>> after we actually get some competition in the DN market, and
>> they cost $10/year.
>There is no reason at all to suppose that this is what will happen.
>Probably, they will become more expensive. That is what the result of
>telecom de-monopolization has been in every country where I have witnessed
>it, and the same goes for the privatization of government-regulated monopoly
>railroads. Cartelization will probably occur, whether it is called that or
>not. And, since the SOs and the ICANN that are setting up the new registries
>are not representative of consumer interests, nor even of the interests of
>small service providers, there will be no recourse nor pressure to keep name
>registration inexpensive.

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