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RE: [Membership] MAC reports and models-New URLs

I am familiar with some of her previous work.  Specifically, things she has
written in her newsletter and other publications concerning some industry
groups and about the TRUSTe program.  Some of the stuff I disagreed with and
some of the stuff was misleading and/or false.  When I complained about
these things I got patronizing answers where she says I was right, she
agreed with me, etc. She then goes out and says the opposite when it suits
her.  My motivation is an intense dislike for this type of activity and the
issues affect me personally.   I see her actions in these other issues as a
personal attack on me, albeit indirect.

I agree that people do not need to be technical experts to participate in
ICANN.  However, when those people try to keep others out by trying to set
standards they may not meet themselves and make statements that were quoted
in the article I cited, then they are opening themselves up for the
criticism I wrote about.

Russ Smith

>>I can only agree with that, too. Motivations can always be questioned:
mine, Russ Smith's, Esther's... And what good does it do to our common
work? Let us judge by what is being done. I did not know Esther before I
joined the MAC; since then, I have not seen anything else than a good-faith
effort to move discussions forward, sometimes through provocative
questions, which is a useful way of getting all of us to be more precise on
what we want and don't want. I have also never felt that the fact she was
not an expert in names and numbers allocation in the beginning was a
problem: both because it's not such a difficult topic to grasp, and because
it is refreshing to hear some new (and calm) voice in these discussions.

Daniel (not a lawyer, nor a lobbyist; spin doctor?)
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