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Re: [Membership] The People's Republic of ICANN?

Einar Stefferud a écrit:

> What we have here is a very serious startup problem of bootstraping
> from no members at all to some Interent informed memebers who are
> dedicated to openness and due process.

And of course Einar Stefferud's going to decide who they are.

> Surely we cannot feel comofrtable saying the we mus start out with the
> least well informed consituencies to build the core processes

Right. Which means we don't want, in the core processes, technical people
like Einar Stefferud and his IETF cronies, who are the least well-informed
people on the Internet when it comes to social and political organization,
since they've never had to deal with anyone but each other and think they
can run the Internet single-handedly.

> those parties who have admin and operational
> responsibilities for DNS Zone files at least form an educated
> constituency without any special biases toward ISPs or toward closed
> decison processes and secret processes for controllign the actinos of
> others.

How about your attempts, like this one, to control the actions of others?
How about the biases of you and your constituents against other
constituencies, and against the users?

> If "they" become too oppressive us "proles" will just
> find ways to tunnel through their barriers and work around their
> control efforts.  

You're no prole. Your an authoritarian, a manipulator, a demagogue
masquerading as a populist to get support, or to silence the "proles", who
will naturally be diametrically opposed to you and your "Internet insider"

> So, lets start with what is a clearly definable constituency as the
> startup constituency, 

Defined by Einar Stefferud? Or maybe we'd be better off by defining it as
not including people like Einar Stefferud, who's way of defining memberships
is always by excluding others, like in this message. Maybe we ought to start
excluding the excluders, the elitists like Einar Stefferud, and everyone
else who has authoritarian tendencies and wants to exclude this or that
group of people from the membership of ICANN and the SOs. Maybe it's about
time the honest people in these forums and debates started throwing the
dishonest ones out on their ear. 

> with a commitment to openness, due process,
> fairness, stability, security, freedom, robustness, and survivability.

Your survivability, you mean, don't you? Are you so far gone that you've
actually convinced yourself that you stand for these ideals? You're just
another IETF techie, no more and no less. And just like the rest of them
you're out to protect your own hide and the unjustified privileges that
you've enjoyed. You're after protecting your position, no more and no less,
and Don Heath is perfectly justified in being against you.

One DNSO application from the cheat Kent Crispin, the other from the
hypocrite and demagogue Einar Stefferud. Oh, we are in bad shape.