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RE: [Membership] The People's Republic of ICANN?

You're right on the fine points. That's why at first I am leaning to people
who have more of a stake, but as individuals, so we can see how good or bad
things would work. For example just let em vote and see what happens before
we decide on the need for more expensive measures.

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> IN the main Karl, that's where our discussions are converging..an
> based model...issue is "who" at first..domain name, email, no email but
> interested?,etc.

Well, I suspect you've been seen the limitations of each.  ;-)

My own metric is simply -- one human brain, one vote, if that person takes
the effort to sign up and jump through the procedures to ensure that the
person isn't getting a second (or third, or fourth... ) vote.

I've not done enough legwork yet to research the technical means that we
could use to do this -- my guess is, however, that we will need to have
voter registrars who look at some form of government issued ID and put the
name on a list.  Then we'd have to issue some sort of cryptographic
certificate that is used to authenticate the vote.

Absent that degree of effort, which is fairly significant and expensive,
we could simply rely on a fee and see whether the "electronic phantom"
vote fear comes to pass or not.

(Given the expense of the former, I'd be tempted to try the latter form
first.  My guess is that those who would create legions of phantom votes
will find the issues boring and move on to something else.)

I've considered a vote audit committee, but that's yet another moving
part, and another expense, and, for those of us who think of every tool as
a potential means of not just fixing, but also stopping, the machine, 
such a committee could be used to derail the election process.