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Re: [Membership] The People's Republic of ICANN?

I wrote:
> I'll just form a thousand dummy companies
> each with their own membership all paid up.
> Presto, I own the Internet or a reasonable
> facsimile thereof. Doesn't work. Will never
> work. Is undemocratic and basically evil.

Daniel Kaplan replies:
+ We won't make any progress if you believe anyone who disagrees with you
+ is basically evil.
+ Doing what you say you'll do (of course, I understand you just provided
+ this as an example of what "one" could do):
+ (1) Is fairly evil
+ (2) Is rather costly and probably dumb. I doubt anyone will have the
+ incentive to do this in order to stuff ballots in ther election of 
+ ICANN's At Large directors. This is granting too much influence to
+ ICANN, as well as supposing the number of members is so low that forming
+ a thousand companies is enough to take over tha At Large membership.
+ Making fraud useless and expensive is a good way to prevent it from
+ happening.
+ (3) Getting all your employees to join ICANN (and forcing them to vote
+ as you want them to) is more efficient, even more if you're a large
+ company. So the bias towards large organizations is even stronger if
+ only individuals can vote.

 The suggestion of placing paper entities as
 voting equals to real, breathing human beings
 is anathemas in my opinion. All sorts of
 abuses may occur under all circumstances.
 A wide and universal sufferage of individuals
 will be the best innoculation against control
 being gained by any commercial interest in
 my opinion. And I did not mean to infer you
 were evil, Mr. Kaplan, just your ideas (!).
 And I didn't mean that entirely seriously
 either. More of a humourous aside. Cheers,

 Bob Allisat

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