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[Membership] Is Nesson right on the objective? And, how do we reach it?

I apologize for this cross-post to the IFWP list, but thought I
would use it as an opportunity to move anyone interested in the
discussion to membership@icann.org where we should be assembling
the nuts and bolts of the over-all membership structure.

Charles Nesson wrote: 

> we must defend against capture

I agree that "design against capture" should be a primary
objective. Do we have consensus on that?  Do we need to poll

As a matter of simultaneous discussion, I propose that the best
way to lessen the likelihood of capture is to maximize the number
and diversity of interests on the board through proportionate
representation; electing all seats at the same time; and requiring
super-majority votes for decisions affecting the fundamental
aspects of our relationship.  Any thoughts on these corollary