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[OT] Re: [Membership] Re: Individual Memberships


At 01:42 15.02.99 , Michael Sondow wrote:
>That doesn't surprise me. ICANN isn't (yet?) an open organization.
>And the people on these mailing lists are too content with their
>privileged position as the "inner circle" to want to do anything to
>open up the discussion to a broader public. 

I know. And I subscribed here to help.

>Any suggestion to permit discussion in languages other than English, 
>for example, is immediately rejected. 

Yes - after I sent the message I saw my mistake. But soon I got a signature:
>>Esther Dyson 	Always make new mistakes!<<
I made one ,-)

>SOs, I suggest that you form your own mailing lists, and an
>organization(s) to represent you. Expecting anything from ICANN or
>these lists is pointless.

Ok, I got it. Sorry for this mail - It wasn't appropriate.
I hope I'm looking in the right direction now.
I won't set anything up but I will be here :-)