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[Membership] IOC's present, ICANN's future?

---Esther Dyson <edyson@edventure.com> wrote:
> They can be contained in three  ways:
> 1 - disclosure (as we are doing on our Website).
> 2- proper behavior: We have to remember that we do not owe the
donors any
> favors.
> 3 - time limits.  We need to move forward with plans to be funded by
> registry/registrar fees, among other sources, so that we no longer
> donations.  
> And of course we need try to keep our spending down, so that we just 
>don't need that much money! 

A prime example of what ICANN needs to be aware of is the current
troubles at International Olympic Committee.

Given the huge amount of money that's come to be associated with the
Olympic games, it was inevitable that the IOC would find itself in
such a bruhaha. So too, I fear, will ICANN. ICANN is going to have
damn near absolute power over the "natural law" of the Net and it's
only going to take a few years before someone or something is going to
attempt to influence ICANN for its own needs. 

Is there any way to prevent it? I honestly don't know. But what we
decided are the membership rules will greatly determine how soon and/or
how likely it is that it happens.


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