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Re: [Membership] Re: Individual Memberships

Michael Bracker <michael.bracker@pfaffenwinkel.de> wrote:

>Yes - in the first time it could be very hard to get this money. In
>the later beeing of ICANN we should think about accepting this
>money. And therefor we must think *now* about it because later we
>can't say 'no', can we? If in 1/2 year the webpage www.icann.org has
>about 500'000 hits per month - why shouldn't we put ads on it? My
>opinion is that this would provide the organization not any
>dependence but through a way like this ICANN can get money - and if
>we do it in the right way enough money...

My guess is that most of the companies who would advertise on ICANN's
site would be large software, ISP, and telecom companies.  In effect,
the results would be the same.