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[Membership] Dyson: Fire Roberts then Resign

 Dyson's credibility is engaging in what I call
 the IAHC-plunge. After about thirty seconds of
 glow this unfortunate has tumbled into the jaws
 of a conflict no-one briefed her highness about
 adequately, evidently. There are a very limited
 of legitimate options open to Dsyon: self-imolation
 is one. A little messy. Another, more realistic
 option is dismissal of Mr. Roberts and the rest
 of thprematurely hired staff and then resignation
 of herself and the rest of the Board. Not that
 this will occur without even further crisis.

 Anyone want to be on how long ICANN survives
 the storm descending upon it? Any bets on how
 long before Roberts is axed and Dyson and
 associated clowns walk?

 Bob Allisat

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 http://fcn.net _ http://fcn.net/allisat