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Re: [Membership] Re: Individual Memberships

A 15:55 16/02/99 EST, toml@communisphere.com a écrit :
>When people propose Corporate memberships and voting, which corporations
>are they speaking of?

All organizations.

>Other countries have different names for these organizations. What are
>these? Who decides which are eligable? Do all have equal wieght?

All have equal weight. Nobody decides what an organization is, except the
organization who decides it will join.

>It sounds like we may have more corporations than people. Certainly

Not if corporations/organizations have to choose one representative, who
can't vote again.

>Sounds loony to me.

To me, it does not sound more loony than creating an organization to better
manage domain names and IP addresses, and then forgetting who represents
the vast majority of users of domain names and IP addresses (ie,

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