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Re: [Membership] Density Representation

Yes, I agree.  Geographic diversity is good. Geographic
categorization/sterreotyping is bad.  (Paul, you can sleep on my floor


At 11:59 AM 17/02/99 -0500, Paul Stauffer wrote:
>>would not be necessary for the candidate to come from that pool.  So
>>Thai voters could elect someone from Finland as their representative, if
>>they preferred.  But no one from Finland could vote on the candidate for
>>the low-density pool.
>Personally, I am not comfortable with the idea of regionalizing the
>directorships, such that individual directors would be elected by, and
>would represent a constituency of a specific geographic region.  I think
>this is a significant alteration of the intentions of the international
>representation requirements of the ICANN bylaws.  I feel that it is
>important that the at-large board members be elected by the membership as a
>whole.  Several established electoral mechanisms have already been
>suggested which could be used to ensure compliance with Article V Section 6
>without having to resort to rules like: "Oh, you're African?  Well, _you_
>need to vote for the *African* representative."
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