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[Membership] Membership Preliminary Report

The Preliminary Report of the Membership Advisory Committee is up at
http://cyber.law.harvard.edu/rcs/prelim.html  My thanks to Kim Isbell, Betsey
Rosenblatt and Wendy Seltzer for their very hard work.

The report is designed as a laundry list of relevant issues with associated
concerns.  It is conceived as a reference manual for the ICANN membership
decision-making process.  The report will change as we receive more input,
criticism and information in the coming week.  It does not include any MAC
recommendations at this time since we will be discussing those in Singapore.

Much of the report was culled from comments to the various listservs.  Further
suggestions are most welcome at membership@icann.org.  Flowery compliments win
you a special MAC secret-meeting decoder ring.  :-)

Diane Cabell