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Re: [Membership] Remote Participation in the Singapore Open Meeting

Asia was on our list of regions, along with Africa and Latin America.
Because APRICOT was happening around the time we wanted to have a board
meeting, it seemed/seems to make a lot of sense.


At 05:59 PM 19/02/99 -0000, Dr Nii Quaynor wrote:
>>Again, my original question - what was the decision criteria for having a
>meeting in Singapore? Why not Toronto or LA or Mexico City or the Caribbean?
>Why Singapore - that is my question?  Like I said, I appreciate the real
>video connection, but why Singapore?
>Why *not* Timbuctou, Cairo, Johannesburg, Bamako, Kampala, Accra, Nairobi,
>Luanda, Cotonou, Manzini ............ I wish I could toss a biased coin ;-)
>Its good for Asia this time around and lets hope for Jamaica in future.

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