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Re: [Membership] James Fishkin proposes Internet Deliberative Council

This is a backwards step - The Internet and Usenet let all 
participate who choose to in the issues that they feel
are important.

The whole purpose of the membership supposedly was to prevent
capture - but as was pointed out at the Berkman Center
meeting by Elaine Kamarck, a membership organization is 
an inappropriate form for an entity that has the 
the ability to control the economic life of people.

That government forms are created for such purposes, not 
voluntary membership organizations. Deliberate councils are
a backwards step from what the Internet makes possible and 
are especially irrelevant with regard to the kind of 
situation that needs to be created to protect the controlling
functions of the Internet from being wielded behind the scenes
by powerful corrupt forces - as is already the case with 

My paper about Communication a new paradigm was distributed
at the Berkman Center meeting but hasn't been discussed
and should be online with just as the Fishman is online,
as my paper sets out the principles for a real solution
to the problem.


             Netizens: On the History and Impact
               of Usenet and the Internet
            in print edition ISBN 0-8186-7706-6