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[Membership] Re: [IFWP] ICANN comments deadline

Esther Dyson writes:
> Here is what the bylaws say:
> (SNIP)
> Because the DNSO and the Accreditation guidelines were so 
> long/complex, we made sure to get them up especially early. 
> On COI, we're not trying to railroad them through.... Please 
> comment and we'll take the comments into account. 

 Your bylaws were written in secret without public
 comment or oversight. This interim board is stacked
 with mute people who were picked to support these
 bogus bylaws and the whole premise of ICANN. The
 entire inelegant and ungainly so-called Supporting
 Organization proposal has been discredited and is
 generally believed to be unworkable, undemocratic
 and doomed to failure due to it's conplexity and
 ponderous density. Wonder what of this is so hard
 to grasp until considering the fact of how much you
 all have to personally gain from ignoring same.

 Dyson/Roberts appear set to railroad it all through
 because they continue to ignore all such comments and
 take nothing into account save the opinions of "true
 believers". The organization they are attempting to
 set up is unsustainable. It holds power to a limited
 number of persons and their corporate backers. Ms.
 Dyson and Mr. Roberts, due to their naivete, butt
 ignorance, moral ineptitude or all of the above
 have themselves opted in and have a great deal to
 gain from this concentration of power. These two
 and all their co-conspirators opt out anyone who
 dis-agrees, collectively blocking any and all
 comment while they strut about at the front of
 cushy conference rooms worldwide pretending they
 are the new overlords of our cyber destiny. Which
 they most fucking certainly ain't.

 Bob Allisat

 Free Community Network _ bob@fcn.net
 http://fcn.net _ http://fcn.net/allisat