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Re: [Membership] message from Ben Edelman

You can also submit, ahead of time, comments and questions that you would like the assembled committee to consider - send them to membership@icann.org and mark them with a subject line that indicates you want them read live. I would imagine the MAC can address them sometime in the course of the day.

At 03:35 AM 3/1/99 -0800, msvh@icann.org wrote:
>Michael Gendron <mgendron@gcstech.com> asked:
>> Will the audio broadcast be archived somewhere so that we
>> can listen to it on our time, rather then when are sleeping?
>Absolutely!  Assuming all goes as planned, they'll be posted within an hour
>or two of the meeting's conclusion, and the same will be true for the Board
>Meeting on the third.  Will update the audio/video archive page as quickly
>as I can -- check that page for details.
>Understood that many of you won't want to stay up all night "just" to listen
>to the meetings in real-time.  However, if you aren't listening to the
>meetings as they occur, do realize that you won't be able to submit
>real-time comments for the consideration of the assembled group.
>Ben Edelman
>Berkman Center for Internet and Society
>Harvard Law School
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